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This site gets a lot of submissions, way too many for us to keep up with. We need your help! Ready? OK, here's how it works: Simply click YES or NO, if the submission gets enough yes votes, it'll automatically be approved and show up on the site. That was easy right?

There are a couple of reasons to reject a submission:
  • A. Too many typos, or it doesn't make sense.
  • B. It's already been done a million times. Boring!
  • C. Like your little sister, it's totally dumb.
Use the FLAG button to flag anything that is total garbage, or otherwise inappropriate, we like to keep the site tidy.

But really it's up to you, vote for whatever you like, it's your site.
Signs that things aren't going so well
When you weigh your self on a scale and it reads "One at a time please.".